Welcome to The Magpie Scribes!

This is the first post, the one that breaks the ground of my new blog, and a place where I can share my own writing experiences to help other writers on their journey.

A lot of information I plan to share will be specific to the choices I’ve made along the way, so it won’t necessarily suit everyone. Nevertheless, if I can help get someone started on their path, point them in a new direction, or just fill in a few blanks, then that makes me one happy lady!

We, as writers, aspiring or otherwise, are all in this together. It’s a tough industry, but if the passion is there, then all obstacles will be a lesson learned and knowledge gained. I know I’ve certainly learned the hard way on a few occasions!

There is so much to know and learn about when you set out in the world to become a writer. But, even though it can appear daunting at times, it’s something that can be achieved. Life is our biggest teacher, and sometimes just biting the bullet and putting yourself out there can be an extremely useful education. However, if there is something here I can guide you on to stop making some of the mistakes I’ve made, or getting you there faster by sharing my experiences, then that’s good enough for me.

A few things that I intend to be writing articles on in the future are:

  • Character profiling
  • Tackling grammar
  • Planning and plotting
  • Why I got an editor
  • The hook of your book (cover)
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Writer’s Block

… and so on …

The aim is, at first, to publish these articles on a monthly basis, but this may increase in frequency in the future. Don’t forget to follow the blog so you can find out about the publication of new articles more easily.

Also, if you would liked to check out the books I’ve written, or subscribe to my newsletter to get your hands on free short story downloads, then you can visit my author website at: www.katieepstein.com

I can’t wait to begin and start sharing some information!

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